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I first met Julian while doing programme research as a producer for ITV he was one of scores of mediums, clairvoyants psychics I spoke with , all claiming the ‘Gift’. The truth is all but a handful fell far short of providing the proof that backed up those claims.Julian was one who did. As he helped me with my work and answered my questions I grew to know and respect the person behind the gift. He uses his skills to help those who seek it. While pulling no punches his messages from spirit are always delivered with empathy and care.If It’s truth you’re seeking Julian Reed is without doubt the person to see but beware of that old adage , because you will get exactly what you ask for.John WelchProducer/DirectorJRW Productions. 2009

My Spiritual World

May I offer you a warm welcome to my site. Here you will find many different things related to Mediumship and the World of Spirit. I have been a Medium for over thirty years, working both in the U.K. and America.

Look out for UK and Irish dates starting Jan 2012/13.

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Julian Reed


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